ev charges

When you install an Electric Vehicle Charger (EV) in your home, you can enjoy the convenience of “refueling” at home every day. With your personal electric car charging station you will ALWAYS be ready to go.

We offer a Free Home Evaluation to determine the best location and type of installation that would best fit your needs and budget.

You made a great choice to purchase an Electric Vehicle and DIY Go Green can assist you with any electric vehicle chargers on the market. We have experience with all charger manufacturers and offer chargers which work with every electric vehicle. If your vehicle has a plug we can provide you with a solution to “refuel” your vehicle at home.


How It Works

  • #1 One of our EV Consultants will come out to your home and consult on the best place to install your car’s charger.
  • #2 We’ll supply a competitive quote on the spot.
  • #3 Install
  • #4 Enjoy a full charge every day!

A Reward for Fueling With Clean Energy

If you drive a new or used Electric Vehicle (EV), you may be eligible to receive a $450 Clean Fuel Rebate. By driving an EV, you’re contributing to a cleaner energy future.

The Clean Fuel Rebate is funded by the State of California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program, which helps combat climate change by encouraging the use of clean fuels, like electricity, in vehicles.  Read More Here