What is a home energy Audit?

A home energy audit (or survey) evaluates an existing home to determine where and how energy is being lost, what systems are operating inefficiently and what cost-effective improvements can be implemented to enhance occupant comfort, make the home more durable and lower utility costs.

Go Green DIY has defined three types of energy assessments for existing homes which range in complexity from a simple but effective walk-through survey to a performance audit using diagnostic equipment and computerized data analysis to a comprehensive home energy rating utilizing the most sophisticated modeling software to produce a home rating score on the HERS Index. These options, listed from least complex to most complex are explained below.

Home Energy Survey

A Home Energy Survey is a visual inspection and does not include the use of diagnostic testing equipment. Its purpose is to assess the general energy performance of an existing home including:

Building envelope features (windows, doors, insulation, ducts) and agesHeating, cooling and ventilation equipment types.

Building Audit

A Building Performance Auditor (BPA) conducts a whole-house evaluation and performs analysis to identify and prioritize proposed treatments for improvements. The detailed report will provide suitable retrofit recommendations and specifications and guide the homeowner to the appropriate Solutions.

HERS Rating

A Comprehensive HERS Rating is the most in-depth performance audit of an existing home. It consists of the evaluation, diagnostic testing, cost-effective recommendations and work specifications contained in a Building Performance Audit.